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Do you like what you see? With all the innovative products, designs, and new materials becoming available through the industry, your bathroom can now be so much more than a sink, a bath, and a toilet in standard white.

PCI Lastogum X
The tanking system protects moisture-sensitive substrates. the system includes tape for wall and floor junctions liable to excessive movement and gaskets for use where pipes and drains penetrate the coating. Suitable for use on gypsum plaster and plasterboard, concrete, brick and blockwork, cement/sand screeds and renders.
Schluter KERDI
Is a crack bridging waterproof membrane made of soft polyethylene, which has been covered on both sides with a special fleece webbing to anchor the membrane in suitable tile adhesive, providing a quick, safe tanking solution for wetrooms, shower walls, ect.

waterproofing and wet room

Schluter DITRA
Is designed for tile and natural stone installations. It serves as a waterproofing membrane, a vapour pressure equalisation layer to accommodate moisture occurring at the underside of the substrate, and an uncoupling layer for problematic substrates. The following materials and technologies we offer will protect your tiles and your property against the undesirable destructive impact of water, structure movements, tensions and thermal loss. If you want to know more about this products, please do not hesitate to contact us.
It will be our pleasure to help you.
Marmox, Wedi
This board is the ideal substrate for tiling in wet areas. it is totally waterproof, highly efficient thermal insulator and vapour barrier.

underfloor heating

Tile Backer Boards
are high performance, reinforced, insulation boards made of waterproof extruded polystyrene, each side faced with fibreglass mesh embedded into a cement polymer mortar. These boards are the perfect solution for insulating and waterproofing in one operation. This provides efficient heating for any room, be it at home, in your bathroom, living room or virtually anywhere that requires comfortable warmth. Can be installed within the thickness of the tile adhesive, which is ideal where floor height is a consideration. We highly recommend to use thermal insulating boards to reduce your energy bill and make your floor much more thermal comfortable.
we will supply and install this electric underfloor heating and thermal insulating boards for you.
Uncoupling membrane
Schlüter-DITRA uncouples the floor covering from the substrate and neutralises the tensions between the substrate and the tile covering that result from the varying deformations of the materials. Likewise, stress cracks in the substrate are bridged and are, therefore, not transferred to the surface covering.

problematic substrates

Movement joint
Another very important component in tiled structure is movement, expansion and control joint profile. Schluter DILEX series maintenance free movement joint profile for tiles and natural stone surfacesto moderate mechanical stresses.
Levelling and Reinforcing
Many of tiling substrates are not even, strong, secure and fixed properly to bear tiles or natural stone. We will help you to design and install the best solution of levelling and reinforcing for existing or new tiling bed.

Stone protection and treatment
There are many types of stone which require special and unique attention to maintain fresh looking and elegant for ever.
Treatments as stain stop sealer, colour enhancer, wax or sheen need to be applied during and after tiling process.
Additional treating is also essential. Frequency depends on surface finish and on actual condition.
Mechanical cleaning and polishing
We provide a complete cleaning service for your tiled surfaces. This service include scrubbing, buffing, polishing at a time convenient to you. For further information on our services or to book an appointment, please call tel: 0771 5991 373 or mail to .